Traditionally Trained Native American Shaman, Federally Registered Minister.

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Interviewed on The Wellness Show!! Finding the Force: Episode 117, Click Here

My passion is holding space for miracles of Love and Re-Membering.  That includes traditional ceremony as well as Art and Seed Sovereignty!  I have lived in Europe, South America and New Mexico after attending school at American University.  Half of my family is Native American, and I have always been interested in culture and spirituality.  My grandmother told me our people were all gone, but that we had been medicine people long ago.

After many years of work at the Public Defenders as a Spanish interpreter, I felt that I could serve better if I understood what is missing in our ‘modern’ culture, what’s at the root of our ills.   Our economic system, the lack of equality and spiritual consciousness, and substance abuse concerned me.  I left the PhD program at University of DE and my consulting firm in search of my soul song.

On my journey I studied herbalism with Susun Weed, Reiki, martial arts and yoga, until I began to have lucid dreams of a Shaman, and through a beautiful series of synchronicities came to find him and study ten years with him in New Mexico.  I wrote a book about the adventure of researching consciousness and shamanism.  Urban Shamin: Learning.  There will be more.

I’m a servant of the Divine Feminine, a Spirit Dancer, gardener, Mother, sister, friend.  Being the E.D. of a nonprofit backed by the 13 Grandmothers gave me the confidence to work hard to share Seed Sovereignty with children and adults.  My beloved friends and teachers in New Mexico are in my heart forever, I am awed and grateful.

Recently I was called to share Native American culture back east, and we have a growing community of people who are Re-Membering their path to Spirit.  In all that spare time I Have I create custom EcoArt – silk pieces with LED lights that illuminate and harmonize.

I am a Rainbow Bridge Person and I carry the medicine of the Star nations, so my pipe elder gave me the name StarHeart.  Thank you for the honor of being of service, may you enjoy a blessed and beautiful life full of magic.

Contact (505) 600-9380

Love US, Universal Spirit.  We are one.