Uniting the Sacred Feminine and Masculine Forces:

Find “The Force” through the Ancient Wisdom of the Maya



It is time to draw the line between the past and the present. It is time to release all past pain and suffering, mistakes and sorrows and step into the New Year with the confidence, peace and joy of knowing exactly who you truly are. Join us in ancient sites, sacred ceremonies, meditations, and set your intent to be your authentic self in 2018 with you Sacred Masculine and Feminine in balance. There is a reason you are being called to the Ancient Maya Wisdom at this time. It could be the Maya Prophecy of the Sixth Sun.

Living the Maya Prophecy of the Sixth Sun: “The Return of the Wise Men & Women.

On December 21, 2012, the Fifth Sun set for the last time, closing a great cycle of the Maya Calendar. With the ending of this cycle the Sixth Sun was born, bringing with it an exciting new prophecy: “The Return of the Wise Men and Women”. It was said they would come at a time of crisis, when they were most needed. These wise men and women are you and me, all the men and women who are awakening to their true, authentic selves, and the time of crisis is NOW.

We no longer need to look solely to our political and religious leaders for guidance. We need to look inward to our authentic selves, to the wise men and women we are becoming. This transformational journey into the Ancient Maya world will allow you to connect with your inner force and usher in the New Year with added strength and confidence.

The teachings are experiential and take place in the sacred Maya sites which hold the same energy as in ancient times. Miguel Angel Vergara’s vast knowledge of Maya spirituality, along with his deep connection to the Maya Masters of Light, bring the ancient teachings into the present moment to address the needs of today. His heart centered teachings, meditations, and ceremonies will touch your soul and release your spirit.

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Uniting the Sacred Feminine and Masculine

By uniting the Sacred Feminine and Masculine you move into 2018 with the strength of your inner Wise Man or Woman able to make a valuable contribution to the evolution of Humankind and Mother Earth with all the Force of who you truly are. What you do at this time matters.

The week will be filled with ceremonies, rituals, site visits, meditations, yoga, mantras, drumming and more. You will be staying in Mérida, Yucatan, a vibrant Colonial city filled with beautiful architecture and alive with music, art galleries, museums and great shopping opportunities.

** Photo Courtesy of Ancient-Origins.net


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Dec 28:     Arrival in Mérida.

We will pick you up at the Mérida airport and transfer you to the hotel. No meals or events planned since many arrive late in the day. Book your flight to work best for you.  Hotel: Casa Akbal.

Dec 29:   Teachings at Casa K’in. (B & L)

The day starts at 8:00 with a yoga class led by Courtni followed by breakfast by the pool. We then move to Casa K’in where Miguel Angel, through lectures, meditations, chants, and ceremony, introduces you to the Maya Gods and Goddesses.

There will be an informal lunch served at Casa K’in where you can mingle with the teachers and fellow students before we start the afternoon session.

At 2:00 PM we will delve into Understanding the New Sacred Feminine. Trudy will share some of the messages received from an Ancient Maya High Priestess and Courtni will lead a Circle where we can all ask questions and share our experiences and understandings of the Sacred Feminine today.

After returning to Casa Akbal for a little pool time, Courtni and Tyhson will share with you Principle #1 of FINDING THE FORCE.

You are then free to explore the beautiful Colonial city of Mérida and have dinner where you like.

Dec 30:    UXMAL (B & L)

We have an early departure this morning: 6:00 AM. On our way to the Maya site of Uxmal we will stop at a very special place for a sunrise ceremony.

“The Maya Masters of Light tell us that every day at the moment of the sunrise a new sun is born and this sun gives us light, color, warmth and life’s abundance. The Maya called this sun “LAK’IN”, which in the Maya language means “Towards a New Sun”. In this Maya ceremony we will give thanks to Father Sun, “K’in” and Mother Earth, “Ix’Cheel” for all the gifts they bring to us every day and as we do this we will fill ourselves with all the wonderful energies of Light and Life.”

Miguel Angel Vergara

Next, we travel the short distance to the site to arrive in the early morning when it is just opening. Miguel Angel will walk you through the main part of the site explaining the spiritual significance of the temples, pyramids, and glyphs.

“Uxmal is called “the City of Kindness of Mother Moon” and is known as “The Maya Cosmic Feminine University”. This marvelous city was built for the purpose of teaching the sacred aspects of the Feminine. Their Goddesses, Ix’Cheel and Ix’Mukane, represent our Mother Earth and Grandmother, Heart of the Earth. In ancient times when girls were very young they received teachings to comprehend the relationship between women and the elements of life; the earth, water, air, fire and ether. After receiving these teachings they could then could then share them with the others. In this way the Sacred Feminine was made available to all.

In this Cosmic University, the women received the different teachings to be in perfect synchronization with the elements and full forces of Mother Nature. There were at Uxmal the orders of the Priestesses of the Earth, the Water, the Air, and the Fire. The great teachers represented by the images of Ix’Cheel and Ix’Mukane were full of knowledge and led them to the lessons and practices which they did in very special rooms. They had teachings from those with special knowledge of how to make drawings in the Sacred Books and on their pottery. They had both men and women teachers who taught to them in lectures but at the same time, they guided the students through meditations to translate the experience in Consciousness because it is important that what we learn intellectually becomes consciousness.

Here at Uxmal were the Priestesses who developed the Mysteries of the Life and translated the Spiritual meaning as a Human Being.”

Miguel Angel Vergara

You will then have time to explore on your own or in small groups.

At 2:00 PM we will meet to have lunch then return to Mérida.

At 5:00 PM Courtni and Tyhson will share with you Principle #2 of FINDING THE FORCE.

You are then free to continue your exploration of Mérida and try somewhere new for dinner.


The day starts at 8:00 with a yoga class led by Courtni followed with breakfast by the pool. We will then set out for a special cave near the site of Oxkintok where you will receive a Sacred Feminine Initiation. Joining us for the ceremony will be a local shaman.

“In the Ancient times of the Maya, they celebrated a very special Sacred Feminine Initiation inside of a cave which represented the womb of the Mother Creator and at the same time the Heart of the Earth.  The Grandmother Ix’Mukane is inside this cave and through her spirit, she will initiate you into the mysteries of the transformation of the cosmic and terrestrial energies in your personal level.

Here the Maya grandmother, Ix’Mukane, will teach you the power of the Sacred Feminine energies and how to transmute them in harmony and light.”

Miguel Angel Vergara

Following this powerful initiation, we will visit an amazing Maya artist and have lunch before returning to Mérida.

At 5:00 PM Courtni and Tyhson will share with you Principle #3 of FINDING THE FORCE.

You are then free to continue your exploration of Mérida and try somewhere new for dinner.

Jan 1:   AKE & IZAMAL (B & L) Atlantean Crystal Skull Ceremony

The day starts at 7:00 with a yoga class led by Courtni followed by breakfast by the pool. We will then set out for the Maya site of Ake for ceremony and teachings of Itzamna, the Sacred Masculine, and our connection to ancient Atlantis.

“Ake, the City of the Children who came from Turtle Island, Atlantis-Tulan. Itzamna, the great teacher of the Maya Wisdom, taught the Maya about the Sun and the Cosmic Wisdom and how human beings could affect Mother Earth both positively and negatively through their thoughts and actions. Itzamna taught them how the Father Sun and the Mother Moon working in perfect balance and harmony give us the fruits of Life. Each tree, fruit, and seed has the principles of Life, the Elementals that they call “Aluxes” who are the vital principles in every natural element on Earth; Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

Itzamna also taught them about the wisdom of the stars and the cosmos through the Sacred Calendars, such as the T’zolkin of 260 days and the Haab of 365 days. He taught them how to use the Mathematics and Sacred Geometry to build their Temples, Pyramids, and Observatories. And throughout this process reminding them of the Sacred Wisdom that was brought from Turtle Island of Atlantis-Tulan.

He told them: “Every year, I will come to see you on the longest day of the year, on the Summer Solstice.”

Miguel Angel Vergara

Following the ceremony and exploration of the site, we move on to Izamal for lunch before returning to Mérida.

At 5:00 PM Courtni and Tyhson will share with you Principle #4 of FINDING THE FORCE.

 Tonight is the Full Moon and we will gather to celebrate the first Full Moon of 2018 with a ceremony and a drumming circle, balancing the Male and Female Forces as we enter a new year.

Jan 2:     LABNAH (B & L)

Yoga at 7:00 am this morning followed by breakfast.

We depart at 9:00 for Labnah and our closing ceremony with Miguel Angel.

Labnah is known as “The Walls of the Wisdom of our Mother Ix’Cheel”. This beautiful Maya site with Temples, Pyramids, and one of the most beautiful Maya arches in all the Maya region will fill your heart with strength, light, and beauty. Here we find the principles of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine in perfect balance. The Lord of the Rain, Chaak, whose presence is constant in this site is remembered as the Principle of Life, Masculine, and Feminine. Ix’Cheel, the serpent Kundalini who swallows the Maya initiated who is becoming a KuuKulKaan, a teacher of the Cosmic Science.

In our closing ceremony, we will give thanks, bringing offerings of flowers, seeds, copal, incense, the Sacred Mantras, together with our gratitude and love for our Father Hunabku and our Mother Ix’Cheel.”

Miguel Angel Vergara

You will have time to explore the site on your own before we depart for our farewell lunch at a beautiful Hacienda on our way back to Merida.

At 5:00 PM Courtni and Tyhson will share with you Principle #5 of FINDING THE FORCE.

You are then free to continue your exploration of Mérida and prepare for your departure tomorrow.

Jan 3:       DEPARTURE

Transfer to the Mérida airport for your flight home.

B = Breakfast L = Lunch provided



  • Airport/hotel/airport transfers
  • Transportation in air-conditioned vehicle to all sites
  • Bilingual driver/guide
  • 6 nights hotel accommodation
  • Meals as per itinerary: 6 breakfasts, 5 lunches
  • Site entry fees for all sites on itinerary
  • All teachings and ceremonies with Miguel Angel, Trudy, and local shaman
  • Tips for maid service, bellboys, waiters for included meals.

Added Features:

  • All teachings, ceremonies, and guidance from Maya Master Teacher Miguel Angel Vergara
  • Five Finding the Force Principle teachings, meditations, and guidance from Courtni Starheart Hale and Tyhson J. Banighen
  • Visits to key Maya sacred sites and power places
  • Full day plus a special sunrise visit to Uxmal
  • Ceremonies and wisdom teachings from invited local shamans
  • Travel with like-minded people on a journey of self-discovery

Tour Does Not Include:

  • Airfare to and from Merida, Mexico
  • Departure tax, if required
  • Cancellation & Medical Insurance
  • Meals not specified
  • Tips for bus driver (suggest US$2 per person per day)
  • Travel or Medical insurance.
  • Drinks at included meals
  • Cost to obtain valid passport
  • Any items of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks and telephone calls
  • Any item that is not specifically detailed on our website or in the final retreat itinerary

Tour Price:

Casa Akbal, Merida

Double Room: USD $2,550 per person

Single Supplement: USD $$250.00

Referral fee $200.00 US off full price.

Early Bird Registration discount by September 30th $200.00 US




East Coast USA: Call Courtni Starheart Hale to make your reservation  at 1 505 600-9380 or by email urbanshamin@gmail.com

West Coast Canada: Call Tyhson Banighen to make your reservation call toll free in North America 1-866-369-7464 or by email tyhson@me.com