Welcome to the Weekly Energy Clearing Call – November 24th, 2015

During this call Jack and I have a free wheeling discussion on the topic of The Most Benevolent Outcome (MBO)  Here is a post from the Energy Detective web www.EnergyDetective.ca site published in January of 2015 and re posted here.

The Most Benevolent Outcome for All Concerned

energyWe (Serah Roer and Tyhson Banighen) came across an article in an old issue of  the Sedona Journal the other day that Tom T. Moore wrote.

When you ask for the Most Benevolent Outcomes for All Concerned, then these requests go directly to the Angel of love or peace, harmony, balance prosperity or wisdom and they respond with an answer that fills the request directly.

It does work well and as we know if we don’t ask they don’t get the call to assist us.  Remember to thank them too! Check out Tom’s blog on his website at www.thegentlewaybook.com  where you can read about people’s experiences using the MBO. It certainly works and if one can remember to MBO things, it saves much stress and time!

In these days of instant manifestation we need to stay in the benevolent stream, right!?

Serah Roer

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