Exercise – Video 3: Become Heart Centered

In this last video in the series of 3 videos I adjust your Assemblage Point. This adjustment will help you become more heart centered. Use these 3 videos to stay centered in your body and in your heart so you stay stress free. I guarantee that if you undertake this challenge for 21 days straight you will have more energy, success and wellness.

In the Intermediate Dowsing course you will learn how to adjust your own and others Assemblage Points (AP). In the meantime use this video to daily or periodically have your AP adjusted. You send others to this course to have their AP adjusted. Adjusting an AP is particularly important after a fall or any other trauma, accident or operation.


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    What crystal are you using?


    I can’t believe I didn’t see this Free “offer” for the 3 short videos we are supposed to do every day…
    Thank you so much for all this FREE stuff and for your gracious 15-minute quick assessment session – in which you literary saved my mind and my health…because I was going insane!
    Now since I’m practicing the 3 breath technique and watching the 30-minute deep clearing video every day (sometimes my body calls for 2 sessions: am and pm), I’ve been getting a little better each day and I have hope. I “know” I’m going to be OK. Thyson Benighan, you have no idea what a blessing to the world you are.
    Deeply grateful,