Exercise – Video 2: Clear Yourself

In this second video you learn how and why it is important to clear yourself, your family, friends and clients plus where you live, work and sleep on a daily basis for 21 days straight. If you do this I guarantee you will have more energy, success, wellness and it will change your life forever.

This Clearing Short form is from the on-line course How to Stand in Your Truth No Matter What. In this 21 day course you learn how to manage and clear your and others bioenergy fields or aura. Your bioenergy field is bombarded daily by more than 2, 700 man made interrupters such as electromagnetic magnetic fields (EMFs) such as Wi Fi, microwave, cell phones, smart meters etc. According to clients’ testimonials these EMF’s can adversely disrupt their well being leading to stress, lack of sleep, chemical sensitivities and allergies, heart palpitations to name a few reported symptoms.
Other symptoms such as being out of sorts, feeling beside yourself, voice in your head, abrupt behavioural changes can be the result of incarnate beings, entities or other non beneficial intrusions into your energy field. This course provides an opportunity for you to learn to stand in your truth no matter what and not to give your personal power away in any situation. For more information and to order this course please click here to download the file. (How to Stand in your Truth No Matter What)