Find “The Force” through Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

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“Insider Secrets of the Medicine Wheel”

Right now you have seen the Four Directions of the Medicine Wheel for free.

Did you know there is more? 

Now It’s Time to Find The Force in the Center.

Now you need to know how to USE it. 

You should already have access to some great self-directed free tools to get you started, and this week we will be finishing the Medicine Wheel.

When you join, you will have:

  • A free copy of Urban Shaman: Love
  • A One-Hour a Month Group Coaching Session with me
  • Access to our FB page where we will make weekly Live Feeds
  • Specific Instructions on How TO get into the CENTER of the Wheel
  • Finding The Force happens when you are in that Center…

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Our goal is to give you the scientific research and information you need in order to grow your Personal Power, and get more of what you want in life.

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Don’t forget that part of our program also includes Sacred Journeys to Temples around the world, beginning in the Yucatan, in Merida, Mexico this New Year’s 2018.


Uniting the Sacred Masculine and Feminine Forces

Sacred Journey Dec 28th to Jan 2, 2018.

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