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How to Sign In, or Register for Courses & use the Promo-Coupon

Do  you have questions or need help with the Sign up, registering for courses or how to apply the code of the Promo Coupon?
Please CLICK HERE for further detailed  information and explanations.

How to Access Your Academy Courses

After you have paid for the course you have immediate access to the course itself. You can go directly to the course itself and start the lessons. Please note: some courses will not have a “specific” start or completion date, so you can work at your own pace. In this case the course starts as soon as you sign in and watch a video  or start your first lesson. If there is a specific start or completion date, you will be notified by the facilitator of the course when you register for the course. For step by step instructions on how to access your Academy Courses please click here

Problems viewing the Videos?

Problems Video not showing?
Please Note: Issues with watching certain videos in the Academy could occur if you use the latest update of Firefox. Unfortunately Firefox is not supporting a certain fast loading file format which we used for some of our videos anymore. We are working for a convenient solution for you. In the meantime if you have problems playing certain videos please use a different browser like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. We are sorry about the inconvenience.

We used HTML5 compliant videos which should work in general on all browsers. There might not work on old browsers. Please update your browser and check your settings. For some IE browsers we found that the installation of the following extension works. Check it out for yourself. WebM for Internet Explorer is free software that enables support for playing WebM videos in Microsoft Internet Explorer, beginning with IE9 on Windows Vista. They should also work on newer versions of IE and Windows. Click here

Problems with Video speed?

In relation to the length of the video, all our videos are relatively small in file sizes, but still of a high quality and in general are all loading quite fast and should run without any interruptions. In general any interruption in the video streaming can be caused by 2 main factors:

  1. The actually speed of your internet connection. (The speed also can be influenced by the other factors, see below)
  2. Issues related to your computer itself.

Here are a few suggestions of what to check for:

  • Check the speed of your  internet connection. ( Download Speed should be at least over 2.5Mbps
  • Check if you browser has newest version and  update browser if necessary, watch for error messages if they come up and follow instructions, to solve the issue.
  • Check if “Java script” in your browser IS ENABLED and has newest version.
  • Are you downloading or accessing the internet simultaneously for multiple applications, or trying to open multiple videos at the same time?
    Try to only use the internet for watching the video (no other downloads or streaming video
  • Your RAM on your computer might be relatively small or overloaded, or your CPU speed is eventually rather small or not that fast through the use of other application.
    Suggestions close other programs which intensely use up your RAM and/or your CPU performance or try to reboot your system.
  • Here another option: Click on the Video to start, than pause and wait for a few minutes, to give it time to load in the background, click play again.
  • Check for other computer related issues i.e. defective or not enough Ram, very slow processor maybe based to very old computer can be a potential factor, etc.
  • If you are not able to check out some or all of this suggestions we made yourself, please seek advice from a professional.

Problems viewing or downloading PDF files?

If you have problems viewing or downloading PDF files this is most likely related to one of the following things:

  • Check if  you have an Adobe Acrobat Reader® installed
  • Check if you are running the newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader®.

You can download here the newest FREE version of Adobe Acrobat Reader®.

Depending on the browser you are using will eventually provided with the option to open or safe the file. Chose accordingly of what you would like to do. If you are not presented with the option to safe the PDF file you can safe the PDF  after you have opened it in the Adobe Acrobat Reader® itself.