TWS Episode 074:Marguerita Vorobioff:Liberate You

Show Notes  Marguerita is a mindset mentor, light worker and master sound healer. Having trained for many years as an opera singer before discovering her abilities as a healer, her mission is to help liberate you from the stories, belief systems and subconscious conditioning that are preventing you from being all you can be and living […]

TWS Episode 073: Lisa Meisels: Vibrant Energy Breakthrough

Show Notes  Lisa is a coach, speaker, best-selling author, dietitian-nutritionist, Founder of Femanna and creator of The Vibrant Energy Breakthrough.  She helps exhausted female entrepreneurs with a big message feel energized, healthy, balanced and fully present so they have the energy to magnetize their presence, engage with their clients, get out and network and make […]

TWS Episode 072: Mellissa Rempfer: A Collaborative Approach to Business

Show Notes From homeless in high school to a $9.8 million ongoing passive income stream to build a student center for her college (before the age of 21); Mellissa Rempfer see opportunities and takes action. Mellissa invites entrepreneurs to step into their Brilliance. Anything is possible if you dream, take action, and work in collaboration. Mellissa Rempfer is the visionary behind […]

TWS Episode 071: Terry Dika Volchoff: Break Free From Your Mind

Show Notes Terry is a transformational catalyst who works with healers and conscious entrepreneurs, taking them from the limitations of their mind so they can succeed. After conquering her own health and wealth changes in her life, now her goal is to guide people from their own limitations of their mind. Although Terry had been […]

TWS Episode 070: Dawn DelVecchio: Sacred Entrepreneur

Show Notes Dawn DelVecchio is a mentor for heart-centered entrepreneurs. She is an intuitive reader, a ceremony facilitator, astrologer, and a best-selling author. Her programs and workshops support people in accessing and activating their soul path. Dawn began her journey as a young mother who was very much into alternative wellness and health. After having […]

TWS Episode 069: Christine Yole: How to Survive as an Empath

Show Notes Christine is a teacher, author and healer.  She assists people to get to the root of what is causing their physical, mental and emotional upsets and facilitates change at a rate many people have deemed miraculous.  She completed her BSc in Human Biology and Health and MEd in Counselling Psychology. Christine says that she’s inspired to […]

TWS Episode 068: Erika L. Deutscher: Balancing Your Brain

Show Notes Erika is a past guest of The Wellness Show (Episodes 053 and 056), and today she joins us to discuss brain clearings, and how we can balance our brain. She shares that she performs brain clearings on others and one day on her way to a spiritual seminar, she decided to check her […]

TWS Episode 067: Diana Allen: Clearing Your DNA

Show Notes Diana had an abrupt awakening in 1987 that propelled her into fast track healing, learning, apprenticeships and sharing her knowledge so others can expand their awareness and connect to their innate wisdom. Integrating a vast amount of knowledge, Diana has created a method to clear the DNA of limiting patterns, beliefs, emotions and […]