TWS Episode 091: Maia Pollan: Self-Actualize in the Matrix

Show Notes A full-time artist, physical alchemist and hermeticist, coaching with a spin of eccentricity, an eclectic flare, complimented with an awareness to be mindfully aware… Maia assists others to transcend conventional societal bindings by revealing to them their divine gifts. She personifies higher vibrational understandings within the cosmic dance, such that by embodying our […]

TWS Episode 090: Richard Jelusich: Chakras and Awareness

Show Notes We are joined again today by Dr. Richard Jelusich, this time to discuss the Chakras and our awareness around them. Dr. Jelusich is a strongly gifted intuitive, author, professor, spiritual healer, international speaker and ordained minister. He blends his experience of the esoteric meaning of the chakras with academic and scientific knowledge. To […]

TWS 089: Bill Heinrich: True Life Purpose Now

Show Notes Today we’re joined by Bill Henrich, who is returning to The Wellness Show to talk about the true life purpose. His intense and dedicated effort at self-discovery and enlightenment has taken many forms and much study. Bill is a certified Feng Shui practitioner and a certified “Coaching for Divine Purpose” coach. He is […]

TWS Episode 088: Ted Behr: Understanding ADHD

Show Notes Ted Behr AKA Coach Ted began his career as a coach over 19 years ago. As a certified professional coach, he provides coaching and education to adults affected by ADHD. He helps them to get focused and productive so that they can have a life full of joy and fulfillment. Ted shares that […]

TWS Episode 087: Molly Wentzel: Love Yourself and Transform Your Life

Show Notes Molly Wentzel is a certified Holistic Confidence and Wellness Coach and Reiki master who helps people love themselves and gain confidence so they can be happy, empowered and confident. She helps people release self-destructive habits and old traumas so they can move forward with vibrancy and self-worth. Molly shares that she used to […]

TWS Episode 086: David Cowan: The Planetary Shift Part 2

Show Notes In Part 2 of our discussion with David Cowan, we are talking about the evolution of consciousness, the emergency of The New Earth and his thoughts on the future of the global economy. David explains we are currently between primary time ways. The previous time way was an experience of linear time where […]

TWS Episode 085: David Cowan: The Planetary Shift Part 1

Show Notes In this episode, we are joined by a returning guest of the show, David Cowan (Episode 077). Join us for the first of a two-part discussion, as David shares his thoughts on the planetary shift that is happening in our world today. David starts out by leading us to open up and devote […]

TWS Episode 084: Brent Kisilevich: The Feldenrais Method to Improve Movement

Show Notes Brent Kisilevich is the owner/operator of Feldenkrais®LIVE online and the Okanagan Feldenkrais® Centre. He offers instruction to groups and hands on sessions for individuals. Brent shares that Feldenkrais is about improving movement and life, about educating the sense of you. He had a back injury and while some remedies or exercises gave relief, […]

TWS Episode 083: Lisa Carberry: Being Real in an Unreal World Part 2

Show Notes In this episode, we present the second half our conversation with Lisa Carberry, who is a Transpersonal Life Coach, Author, Speaker and Intuitive. She shares more of her thoughts about how to be real in this unreal world, and why allowing your heart and soul to guide you is so important. As adults, […]