TWS Episode 110 : Lisa Carberry Part II : Life as a Playground

In Episode 110, Part II of The Wellness Show interview with Lisa Carberry, we discuss how the universe is connected with everything and that by going with the flow, everything is being provided by the universe. Show Notes Lisa believes that everything is in flow. The need for control is an illusion. “Even the universe,moon,stars, […]

TWS Episode 109: Lisa Carberry Part I: Road Journey Wisdom

Our guest on Episode 109 of The Wellness Show is Lisa Carberry. Lisa resides in Australia and is back on The Wellness Show for a return visit. Lisa shares her road trip adventures,where she met amazing people and had wonderful experiences of the spirit, the universe, and God. This experience was a verification to Lisa, […]

TWS Episode 108:Gary Bobroff:Our Archetypal Nature

Our guest on The Wellness Show is the developer and facilitator of Archetypal Nature, Gary Bobroff. Gary explains what archetypes are and how they have significance and meaning in our lives. Show Notes Gary’s interest in archetypes started 20 years ago with his first personal growth workshop. It spoke to him of the patterns underneath […]

TWS Episode 107:Tara Bradley:Tea Leaf Readings & Beyond

In episode 106 of The Wellness Show, our guest is intuitive therapist Tara Bradley. Tara is an Intuitive Psychic Therapist who currently uses tea leaf reading, among other modalities, to access the psychic portal between mortals and the energies of the Universe. Show Notes Tara started doing tea leaf readings when a friend suggested that […]

TWS Episode 106: Dr. Nanari Diamond: Healing With Meditation Hypnosis

In Episode 106 of  The Wellness Show Tyhson interviews Dr. Nenari Anne Diamond, also known as the Princess of the Sea and the “Diamond Lady” of Lemuria. Nenari is the founder/director of The Diamond Light Spiritual Oneness Centre and the creator of the Meditation Hypnosis course which combines both methods to help heal and transform […]

TWS Episode 104 : David & Erina Cowan: Keeping Centered in 2017 Part I

David and Erina Cowan are a married couple who work together as  Licensed Spiritual Health Coaches. Erina has a background in Functional Medicine and currently practices many healing modalities as a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach including Sound and Light Therapy. David’s passion is currently in the field of energy medicine and complementary Health Care. In Part […]

TWS Episode 101 – Karen Lorre: Bliss Is Your Natural State of Being

Show Notes For the first episode of the year, we are pleased to have Karen Lorre as a reoccurring guest. This is the first episode for the month of January 2017. The conversation with Karen started off with the planets’ influences on anybody’s being, Mercury retrograde in particular. And according to her, “All the planets […]