TWS Episode 150:Lorraine Burke:12 Strand DNA Activation

Tyhson’s guest on The Wellness Show is Lorraine Burke, from Australia, who is a “walk in.” n (glide-in) to the physical form of a baby girl born BLUE, 2 hours after birth. It is documented that 2 large pink spots came on either upper arm and either thigh.  The doctors were amazed as they watched […]

TWS Episode 149:Linda Borghi:You Are Just One Seed Away

Linda Borghi is a Biodynamic farmer of Abundant Life Farm in Walker Valley, NY with no lack of diverse experience.  She has worked both sides of the fence, as both a vendor and producer. She began her career in 1977, managing four star restaurants on the upper east side of Manhattan, including La Grenouille, Bruno’s, […]

TWS Episode 147: Michael O’Connor Humanistic Astrology: As Above So Below

Tyhson’s guest on The Wellness Show is Certified Life Coach and Humanistic Astrologer Michael O’Connor.Michael has been a Humanistic Astrologer for 20 years. There are basically three types of Astrology, Humanistic, Evolutionary and Predictive. As a Certified Life Coach, Michael digs deeper to support his clients to realize their goals as a process of self-actualization […]

TWS Episode 145:Lisa Carberry: On The Road Again

In this episode  of The Wellness Show with host Tyhson Banighen we welcome Lisa Carberry, who will be updating us on her next spiritual journey. Lisa Carberry is currently in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. And as the seasons change, she’ll be back on her road trip for her spiritual pilgrimage. She’ll be staying in one place […]

TWS Episode 144:Janet Charette Rainbow Childrens’ Network

To listen on Itunes & subscribe to The Wellness Show click here To listen on Google Play sign into your google account and click here To listen on New Media Radio Network click here  To bookmark RSS feed click here To subscribe to Stitcher click here To watch video interviews and subscribe to the Academy […]

TWS Episode 143:Tyhson Banighen: Bioenergetics the Food of Life

In this episode Tyhson Banighen the host of The Wellness Show is interviewed by Cathy Hohmayer on her show, “Mindful Living in the Adirondack Alps”  Tyhson and Cathy discuss  bioenergy as the food of life. Tyhson says, “We live in a sea of energy. How we chose to interact with these energies creates our bioenergetic […]

TWS Episode 142 : Kewaunee Lapseritis: How the Sasquatch Heal

Tyhson’s guest on The Wellness Show is Holistic Health Consultant, Master Herbalist and Master Dowser, Kewaunee Lapseritis. The topic on today’s podcast will be Healing Sasquatch and Deeper Connections with Star People. Kewaunee Lapseritis, AS, BA, MS, MH Kewaunee is a Holistic Health Consultant, Master Herbalist and Master Dowser with background in anthropology, psychology, conservation, and […]

TWS Episode 141:Kelly Lapseritis: Part II :The Sasquatch Message to Humans

Tyhson’s guest on The Wellness Show is Kelly Lapseritis. Kelly is a clairvoyant and medium working with several inter dimensional beings. She practices ancient shamanism, is a spiritual life coach and also a wellness consultant. In part II of the interview Kelly and Tyhson continue their talk about the psychic connection to Sasquatch and the […]