TWS Episode 158 : Michael O’Connor :Holism, Healing and Astrology Part I of 4

In this 4 part series, Humanistic Astrologer Michael O’Connor shares his insights about the rapidly re-emerging paradigm of holism. This paradigm explains how and why Astrology and holistic healing methodologies work. It will also shed light on the intrinsic connection these disciplines share and why the holistic approach is invaluable to the healing process.   Here […]

TWS Episode 157: Simeon Nartoomid:The Peace of the Sacred HOW

Tyhson Banighen the host of The Wellness Show interviewed Simeon Nartoomid on The Topic of The Peace of the Sacred HOW. Simeon has 27+ years’ experience exploring Cosmic Consciousness. A modern-day mystic, future visionary, intuitive, higher dimensional channel and cosmic consciousness and oneness professional. He is certified in Usui Reiki, Johrei Healing, ThetaHealing®, Bio-Tuning Sound […]

TWS Episode 156 : Sue Paulson:Answering The Healing Call

Tyhson  Banighen interviews Sue Paulson an Inspirational Speaker and Author, Sue Paulson believes in the magnificence in everyone she meets. No stranger to adversity, she came back after a near death experience in 2007 only to face two bouts of cancer in 2011 & 2012. Thriving now, Sue views cancer as a major wake-up call […]

TWS Episode 155 : Lorraine Burke:The Rainbow Children’s Network

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TWS Episode 154 :Priya Deyghatak: Working with the Ancestors

Tyhson Banighen interviews Priyadarshini Dey-Ghatak about the importance of working with one’s ancestors. I am an energy healer from London, England supporting people to transform their lives by breaking through the barriers and living the life that they were born to live. My clients learn about what truly drives them and live out their passions, […]

TWS Episode 153: Christy Warnick:Healing Manifesting and Miracles

Tyhson Banighen interviews Christy Warnick’s who’s spiritual journey started a few years ago with a “wake up call” or what she calls a course correction. After having some allergy symptoms and looking for and finding alternative treatments for them, her health kept getting worse. She was given a choice and chose to follow a divinely […]

TWS Episode 152 Tonya Godin:Healing and Energy Through the Arts

The host Tyhson Banighen interviews Tonya Godin, based out of the Okanagan, BC. Tonya specializes in Energy & Healing through the Arts. Quietly and lovingly navigating through life; using Love as her compass; she puts her natural gifts into action for the People. She chose the name “Aumakua” as it is the Hawaiian word for […]

TWS Episode 151:Darlene Ager :Horse Wizardry

Darlene Ager, Registered Horse Therapist is Tyhson Banighen’s guest on episode 151 of The Wellness Show. They discuss what equine therapy is and what a registered equine therapist does. The training enables practitioners to work with many different healing modalities such as… chiropractic, soft tissue release, accu pressure, meridian balance, tuning forks, herbal remedies and […]

TWS Episode 150:Lorraine Burke:12 Strand DNA Activation

Tyhson’s guest on The Wellness Show is Lorraine Burke, from Australia, who is a “walk in.” n (glide-in) to the physical form of a baby girl born BLUE, 2 hours after birth. It is documented that 2 large pink spots came on either upper arm and either thigh.  The doctors were amazed as they watched […]

TWS Episode 149:Linda Borghi:You Are Just One Seed Away

Linda Borghi is a Biodynamic farmer of Abundant Life Farm in Walker Valley, NY with no lack of diverse experience.  She has worked both sides of the fence, as both a vendor and producer. She began her career in 1977, managing four star restaurants on the upper east side of Manhattan, including La Grenouille, Bruno’s, […]