Nuggets of Wisdom

“Our intuitive thinking process sends us nuggets of wisdom that we ignore in favor of adding all kinds of non-essential thoughts to the mix, causing errors in our judgment.” ~ Angela Artemis Intuition arrives in feelings, images, concepts and understandings. We must learn how to discern this heart-centered guidance from all the other mental chatter. […]

Find your Inner Riches : Discover who you Really are

Getting in touch with your higher self by learning to dowse with a pendulum, can help you to start to discover your “inner riches”  your core self, your true self – the real you! When you learn to tap into this part of yourself, it will help guide you to true fulfillment for your life! […]

Believe Nothing Merely Because you have been told it…

The Academy offers courses that foster personal and community health and well being, the overall betterment of humanity and a deepening of humanity’s sacred connection to the planet and to all of life… We have now launched our “More than a Beginners Dowsing Course: Learn how to get quick & accurate answers from your intuition, […]

Learn to Trust Your Internal GPS

Every time you don’t follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness. ~Shakti Gawain If you only trust your physical senses to guide you , it will start to erode your connection with your higher self. You must fully embrace the idea that you are […]

A Warm Welcome to you From the Academy

We at the Academy believe education to be the key to human betterment and that this occurs through mentoring one student at a time. It is important that education is fostered in a learning environment of like-minded individuals that support one another in a community atmosphere. The Academy offers courses that foster personal and community […]

What is Dowsing

Dowsing is an inner process, a conversation between the rational and intuitive self, the left and right sides of the brain working synergistically to communicate with each other. The rational brain is used to pose the question and the answer comes from the intuitive brain. Any dowsing tool such as a pendulum, bobber, L-rods or […]


A pendulum is basically a communication device used in dowsing and by itself it has no power to move. The pendulum is just one of a variety of  tools to enhance that process of tuning in quickly, effortlessly and accurately to your higher self. As a result intuition increases and guidance begins to flow. Pendulums […]

The Power of Higher Thoughts

Your higher self is your soul consciousness, the non-physical part of you, the true you! It expresses creative inspiration through you and guides you through intuition and insight. Your higher self is also very aware of all your desires, hopes and dreams. Even though the physical you can never be separated from your higher self, […]