A pendulum is basically a communication device used in dowsing and by itself it has no power to move. The pendulum is just one of a variety of  tools to enhance that process of tuning in quickly, effortlessly and accurately to your higher self. As a result intuition increases and guidance begins to flow. Pendulums […]

The Power of Higher Thoughts

Your higher self is your soul consciousness, the non-physical part of you, the true you! It expresses creative inspiration through you and guides you through intuition and insight. Your higher self is also very aware of all your desires, hopes and dreams. Even though the physical you can never be separated from your higher self, […]

The Assemblage Point

The Human Assemblage Point is a vortex running through the center of the human chest and upper back where the vibrations of our energy radiate out to make up our aura or electromagnetic field. When the Assemblage Point is in the optimal position, the energy flows, fans out and surrounds us as it should and […]

Breathe Your Way into a New Day!

Three FREE  (Videos) will Help you Breathe Your Way into a New Day These three FREE videos are an introduction to the Extraordinary Dowsing Techniques a series of on-line courses presented as three sequential courses Beginner’s, Intermediate and Advanced Dowsing. In these courses you will learn the art and science of dowsing from many Master […]