TWS:014: Carla Chrzan & Luis Rivera : Lean Body Code

The Wellness Show weekly podcast, welcomes guests.,Carla Chrzan & Luis Rivera. Carla Chrzan and Luis Rivera are the creators of the holistic wellness program, Lean Body Code: Lose Weight Without Exercising. The program launches in March 2016, and more information on the program can be found at To listen and subscribe to The Wellness […]

TWS 013: Laura Fenamore: Skinny Fat Perfect

The Wellness Show weekly podcast, welcomes guest Laura Fenamore. Laura Fenamore is a life coach and body image expert, and the author of Skinny, Fat, Perfect. This book is part memoir, part road map, and whole-heartedly designed to help you approach healthy body image and weight release from a different perspective.To listen and subscribe to […]

TWS 012: Dave Smith: Health Behavior Changes

Dave Smith is a wellness coach who helps people through the process of health behaviour change, building habits that are going to help them get the results they are looking for. His writing can be found on Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, as well as in other top publications. To listen to our podcast and subscribe to […]

Exciting News!

The Wellness Show is now a bi-weekly podcast. Join us Mondays & now Wednesdays on Itunes You can also watch the video and subscribe to our Academy youtube channel by clicking here

TWS 011: Shelley Darling:Cultivating the Resonant Heart

From as early as she can remember, it’s always been about love, truth and connection to heart for Shelley. She says she’s been involved in a lot of things, but with one common denominator: the heart. To Shelley, resonance is remaining calm, with clarity. She asks the question how to bring this feeling to herself, […]

TWS 010: Corey Poirier: Find Your Passion

Corey Poirier is a TEDx speaker, international bestselling author and top-rated personal and professional development show host. He appears regularly on television, radio and in print and he has shared the bill with the likes of Stephen MR Covey, Deepak Choprah and General Rick Hillier. A modern day Napoleon Hill, Corey has more than 10,000 […]