TWS Episode 131 : Laura Fenamore:Love the Way You Look

In this episode of The Wellness Show, Tyhson and Laura Fenamore discuss the topic of body image, an issue that affects a lot of people across the globe today. Laura presents effective steps that promise to help people learn to gracefully embrace their body image. Laura begins by emphasizing that one of the things that […]

TWS Episode 130 :Tyhson Banighen & Courtni Hale: Finding The Force

Welcome to the Evolution Courtni Star Heart Hale and Tyhson introduce their new program Finding The Force and offer some background on the new Operating System for planet earth called Humanity 3.0. The world we live in is not working. We need to reconnect to Mother Earth and to align our inner nature with Mother […]

TWS Episode 129:Bonita Summers: Psychic Coaching for Life and Business

Bonita K. Summers is a psychic life and business coach. She has background as university administrator, editor of national workplace magazine, a journalist and a freelance writer, and had worked in software. Her being psychic is natural born. This ability runs in her family and is considered as a normal trait. She coaches people in […]

TWS Episode 128: Anita Unrau: Soul Level Animal Communication

Anita Unrau provides a bridge between you and your pet.  She can communicate what your pet would like to teach you, pass along their message, or answer questions you have for them. She consults with animals on the soul level. All animals are here to connect with us in some way and teach us something. […]

TWS Episode 127: Miguel Angel Vergara : Maya Cosmovision

In this interview, Miguel Angel Vergara, a Mayan Shaman, talks about the Maya Cosmovision. He explains why it is important to feel the sacredness of life with our heart. The union of the heart and the mind brings with it the Return of the Wise Men and Women. “This is the connection with the spirit […]

TWS Episode 123 : Lisa Carberry:Personal & Planetary Sustainability

“In this interview, Lisa and Tyhson discuss the relationship between external environmental issues and the need to examine how we are internally being environmentally friendly towards our self and whether the fuel we are using is creating a sustainable future for our personal and collective evolution. The Great Barrier Reef in Far North Queensland close to […]

TWS Episode 122: Dr. Karen Khan:The Assemblage Point

Dr. Karen Khan is an *Empath, Earth Angel, and holistic physician specializing in spiritual medicine. She is also an award-winning physician acupuncturist. She loves teaching and is now doing counseling and coaching individuals on holistic health and personal transformation. She has a radio show, has written several blogs, and is the  author of Amazon bestseller […]