The Three Brains: Head, Heart and Gut

After reading the Brain Balancing Protocol, Andrea Miller asked, “how as a dowser do you work with the brain/gut connection as I have heard they are interrelated?” This is a great question and it got me thinking. We have 3 brains: the head, the heart and the gut. How can we balance these three brains […]

Imagine learning how to let go and be all that you can be.

We are the summation of our thoughts, words, and actions. Our words and deeds arise from our thoughts. “If you begin to think about Success, those thoughts will turn into Words. You will speak about Success and find ways to be Successful, no matter what. When you find the different ways to be Successful, they will turn into Actions. And when […]

Part 2 – Your Innate Intelligence – The Elemental I

If you would like to review these blog posts as a daily email, then please subscribe to the Newsletter at the www.Extraordinary-Healing-Arts.Academy. Thanks for subscribing. Your body, like the body of Mother Earth or Gaia is a living being that consists of elemental forces that individually and collectively maintain the necessary systems to maintain life on […]

Brain Balancing Protocol

by Erika L Soul of Rainbow Healings. For your body to heal it requires the mind and brain to be functioning well and if the brain isn’t switched on the messages don’t get through to your body so your body heals. I experienced this directly years and years ago I had had some flu or something […]

Do you want a DNA Star Activation?

Tyhson Banighen, the host of The Wellness Show, interviews Iona Flores regarding DNA Star Activations. Who wants an upgrade on the most important piece of YOU. We upgrade our phones, computers, cars, homes, and clothes. These are all material possessions. Don’t YOU think it’s time to care for the more important things in life like your […]

Working with Elementals

Today’s Talk Show was all about how to work with elementals to correct severe weather patterns, chemtrails, HARP, bioengineering, climate change and mind control. All these are attempts to override the earth’s natural cycles and highjack human evolution. Here is an excerpt from my book, Dowsing and Energy Healing for Personal and Planetary Ascension: As […]

TWS Episode 180 Tyhson Banighen: The Healing Hour January 2nd 2018

PERSONAL CLEARING HOUR … JOIN THE GROUP HEALING HOUR ON FB LIVE every Tuesday at 3:00 pm PT. What do you want to have help with to clear or let go of today? This could be trauma, unresolved emotions, family of origin, past life, matriarchal or patriarchal lineage, inner child. When we clear together we […]

Making Room for the New You

This the fourth in a series of daily emails that will end up in your email box every morning if you subscribe to the Academy Newsletter at Snakes shed their skins to make room for the new. After the holidays this may mean opening your belt one or two more notches, but when it comes […]

Letting Go -The Pathway to Surrender

This blog is from the third email of my daily emails series that is ending up in your email box every morning if you subscribe to www. Extraordinary-Healing-Arts.Academy Newsletter. This was a busy Sunday for me as I had a client visiting our Sunnybrae Retreat Center He was in the midst of what he […]

The Elemental I – My Innate Intelligence

If you would like to review these blog posts as a daily email then please subscribe to the Newsletter at the www.Extraordinary-Healing-Arts.Academy Thanks for subscribing. The latest dowsing manifestation intention that I have been working with I just shared with members of the Dowsing and Energy Healing Closed Facebook Page. If you are not a […]