Miguel Angel Vergara

Miguel Angel is a Maya Priest and Master Teacher who lives and works in Yucatán, Mexico. He studied with Maya Elder Vincente Martín for 17 years and continues to work with the Elders and Priests who are keeping the Maya Sacred Wisdom very much alive today.

He teaches us how to connect with the Maya Masters of Light who are still at the sacred sites ready to guide us today as in ancient times. Going to the source of the Maya knowledge: to the ceremonies, rituals, mantras, sacred books, pyramids, temples, stele, pottery, paintings, sculptures, and oral traditions that are available today, he finds the essence of their knowledge and then teaches it in a heart-centered style that connects rapidly and profoundly with his students.

Miguel Angel humbly and sincerely weaves a path to the pure authentic essence of the Maya cosmology and creates a space with beautiful ceremonies and stories where you can transform yourself and find your true Spiritual Path.

Miguel Angel was a director at Chichen Itza for four years and has written books and given lectures and conferences on the Maya Sacred Knowledge throughout the world. His book, The Sacred Knowledge of the Maya, is available at www.lulu.com and will soon be accessible as an e-book on our website. Miguel Angel is currently completing work on a book about the Maya Calendar which will give a new perspective on these ancient teachings.

Contact Miguel Angel at: miguelangel@casakin.org

Trudy Woodcock

Originally from Canada, Trudy has made Mérida, Yucatán her home since 2001. More than 20 years earlier while sitting on the top of the KuKuulKaan pyramid at Chichen Itza she heard a voice tell her that she would return and learn all about the Maya. When the time was right, after many life lessons and many visits to Mexico, she made the move.

Wanting to learn more about the ancient culture, not finding tours or programs that helped connect with the essence of the Maya in meaningful ways, and believing others felt the same, she created Iluminado Tours. Then, as if by magic, her teachers appeared. Miguel Angel Vergara opened the door to the spiritual knowledge of the Maya and her mission in life came into focus.

Trudy’s other Maya teacher, Erik Solis, opened up her gift of communicating directly with spirit. When Erik passed on in 2010 he kept a doorway open to the other side which has allowed Trudy to explore relationships in many dimensions. She is currently writing a book, Path of the Maya Priestess, about her channeled sessions with a Maya High Priestess from Palenque.

Trudy continues to delve into the mysteries of the Maya while defining, accepting, and following her life’s purpose. A major part of that purpose is to act as a bridge between the vast knowledge of the ancient Maya and today’s spiritual seeker. She is always eager to share her experiences, knowledge, and enthusiasm for the ancient teachings of the Maya.

Contact Trudy at: trudy@iluminado-tours.com

Courtni “StarHeart” Hale

My passion is holding space for miracles of Love and Re-Membering.  That includes traditional ceremony as well as Art and Seed Sovereignty!  I have lived in Europe, South America and New Mexico after attending school at American University.  After many years of work at the Public Defenders as a Spanish interpreter, I felt that I could serve better if I understood what is missing in our ‘modern’ culture, what’s at the root of our ills.   Our economic system, the lack of equality and spiritual consciousness, and substance abuse concerned me.  I left the PhD program at University of DE and my consulting firm in search of my soul song.

Half of my family is Native American, and I have always been interested in culture and spirituality…So I went off in search of my roots and ended up studying for 10 years with a Pueblo Shaman, and many other teachers.  I am authorized to perform many ceremonies and am currently translating ancient wisdom into a system for modern spiritual awakening.


Tyhson Banighen and Serah Roer

Tyhson and Serah hosted Ian Lungold and Madeline Webber during their 2003 Canadian tour as Ian lectured about the Mayan calendar. When Ian got ill they lived with us until just before Ian’s death. We traveled to the Yucatan with the Sacred Earth Journeys in 2007  and met Michael Angel and Trudy Woodcock.  We have been traveling, studying and doing ceremony with Michael and Trudy ever since. We are crystal skull carriers and offer them as initiatory guides for others at the sacred sites. We are excited to offer this unique experience and teachings for others to experience as part of The Finding The Force program. For more information visit www.tyhsonbanghen.ca